simplify surgery with custom guides.

OMX Solutions Patient Optimized Guide Systems (POGS) simplify surgery with custom surgical guides.

Our custom surgical guides offer optimized precision surgery enabling accurate osteotomies, prosthesis placement and screw fixation.


Potential Clinical Applications

  • Jaw resections and reconstructive solutions
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Upper midface and cranial and sub-cranial osteotomies
  • Prosthesis placement and implant positioning

OMX Solutions POGS are digitally produced in polymers suitable for many forms of sterilisation. In many cases our POGS will come matched with custom implants (refer to OMX Solutions Plating & Custom TMJ options) to enable precise implant placement.

POGS advantages

  • Digitally designed
  • High accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Quick to produce

All guides are generated from CT scan files and are reliant on those scan parameters for accuracy. OMX Solutions provides specific CT Scan Protocols.