Patient Optimized Plating Systems

OMX Solutions Patient Optimized Plating Systems (POPS) allow lost or damaged jaw bone to be anatomically reconstructed with customized titanium plates.

POPS can be designed to facilitate soft tissue and bone integration, support vascularised bone grafts or provide stable anchorage for synthetic bone substitutes. Asymmetrical design can be achieved by virtual mirroring against unaffected sites or via careful reconstruction and planning to allow new bone formation and soft tissue contact. OMX Solutions POPS are digitally produced in Medical grade titanium. In many cases our POPS system will come complete with surgical guides (refer to OMX Solutions POGS) to enable precise osteotomies and fixation.

POPS process explained

  • Diagnostics
  • CT
  • 3D model constructed
  • Preoperative planning
  • POPS provided at time of surgery

All custom implants are generated from CT scan files and are reliant on those scan parameters for accuracy. OMX Solutions provides specific CT Scan Protocols.