OMX Solutions Custom Splints provide stability for precise jaw movement and alignment.

Clinical Applications

  • Orthognathic surgery
    • Single jaw
    • Double jaw
  • Posttraumatic Jaw Deformity
    • intermediate splint
    • Final splint
  • Jaw resections
    • benign tumours and cysts
    • malignant tumours

Our splints maintain optimized jaw precision, enabling accurate control of the occlusion. OMX Solutions engineers are able to custom design splints from high quality digital scans, dental models or impressions. Our custom splints are supplied in sterilisable materials and can be designed for short-term or prolonged use applications. Splints are designed in consultation with the clinician enabling user specific needs to be addressed.

Custom splints process explained

  • CBCT/Dental Scan, Dental Model or Impression
  • 3D model constructed
  • Preoperative planning
  • OMX Engineers Design Splint(s)
  • Clinician Reviews/Approves
  • Custom Splints provided at time of surgery