Providing solutions for patients with missing teeth and atrophic jaws

A versatile, easy to install, dependable and accurate solution to dental prosthetic rehabilitation, the Osseo-Frame is a subperiosteal Jaw implant which is particularly suited to jaws which lack sufficient alveolar bone to support conventional dental implants. The Osseo-Frame avoids the need for complex adjunctive procedures such as onlay bone grafts, expensive barrier membranes, sinus lift surgery as well as intrusive zygomaticus implants.

Designed to simplify the entire dental rehabilitation process, the Osseo-Frame jaw implant is particularly suitable for patients who do not have enough jaw bone to support dental implants.


Severely atrophic jaws

One of the main indications for this device is to support artificial teeth in severely atrophic jaws where conventional techniques cannot be used.

Customised fit

Using patient DICOM CT conebeam scans, the subperiosteal jaw implant is digitally designed and 3D custom printed to the patient’s alveolar bone ridge which ensures a close fit of the device to the natural bone without the need for bone surgery.

No bone grafting required

No adjunctive measures such as bone grafting, sinus lift, barrier membranes or osteogenic products are required.

Immediate loading

Another distinct advantage is the potential to immediately load the implant with artificial teeth, without a protracted period of healing, since the micro-screws and closely fitted base plate provide excellent primary stability.

Long term stability

Secondary stability is achieved by osseointegration of the perforated titanium baseplate to the underlying bone, so the new bone growth occurs directly to the titanium surface.

Simplified dental prosthesis design

The device offers predictable positioning and parallel alignment of the trans-mucosal abutments which simplifies the design and construction of the dental prosthesis.

Simple surgery

The device is relatively easy and quick to install with minimal additional surgical training required by the experienced practitioner.

Day stay surgery

In healthy patients, the surgery to install the Osseo-Frame can be performed in a Surgeon’s office under IV sedation.