Patient Fitted TMJ Joint Replacement System

The OMX Solutions TMJ prosthesis is an alloplastic medical implant device used to replace Category 5 Temporomandibular joints where none of the joint components are salvageable. The TMJ prosthesis uses the latest technologies to accurately match the prosthesis to the individual patient.

The system comprises of 2 components and is most suitable for patients who are suffering from intolerable symptoms of pain and/or jaw joint dysfunction such as osteoarthritis which have failed to adequately respond to other treatments.

With our unique Patient Fitted System the Mandibular component is digitally sized to fit the individual patient’s jaw anatomy using the patient CT data.
Alternatively, the custom Total Joint Replacement System can be designed specifically to meet the individual requirements of patients who fall outside the range of normal sizes and contours, or in cases requiring simultaneous orthognathic surgery.

The prosthesis was developed in 2012 through close collaboration with leading surgeons and highly specialised medical device experts. The OMX Solutions TMJ Total Joint Replacement System is approved for clinical use.

ani tmj
xray tmj

Easy installation

Lower border of condylar prosthesis lines up with lower border of mandible which makes positioning of condylar head into fossa much easier & quicker.


Screw holes in the condylar prosthesis are placed well away from vital anatomical structures such as the teeth and mandibular canal


Screw holes engage the thickest part of the mandible along the posterior border of ramus and lower border of the body resulting in increased stability


Anterior bar design maintains stability and strength of the ramus/condylar prosthesis in the event of an unlikely failure of a screw hole

Wide head

Wide polished universal head of condylar prosthesis which minimises risk of dislocation

Improved function

Th Fossa prosthesis design includes an anterior flange that permits anterior movements of the condylar head with minimal risk of dislocation.


The posterior flange of the fossa prosthesis prevents the condylar head from impacting against the tympanic plate that protects the middle ear

Universal design

A universal fossa prosthesis that is symmetrical and can be fitted to both left and right sides with a wingless flange that minimises stripping of soft tissue off the root of the zygomatic arch.

No guesswork

Using the latest digital tools we size up the prosthesis for individual patients based on the DICOM CT scans.

Rapid delivery

Since OMX Solutions has a wide range of different implant sizes already in stock, we measure up your patient and immediately send you the appropriately sized prosthesis and screws as well as the drill bits you require to confidently place the prosthesis.

Detailed reports

We also send you a report with digital pictures which guide you with the optimal placement of the device. If your patient falls outside the normal range of sizes and shapes, we will rapidly 3-D custom print you a prosthesis that will fit your patient.

Backed by rigorous engineering

The OMX TMJ prosthetic total joint replacement system has undergone extensive and rigorous engineering and preclinical cadaver testing at the University of Melbourne.